LANXESS Singapore Butyl Rubber Plant


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LANXESS, the world's biggest manufacturer of synthetic rubber, broke ground in May 2010 for the construction of a new butyl rubber plant in Singapore. The facility on Jurong Island is designed for a capacity of 100,000 metric tons per year and will require an investment of up to EUR 400 million (USD 575 million). The new plant also sets standards for the region and the world in terms of environmental protection. Between 10 and 15 percent of the building sum is to be invested in modern technologies engineered to protect the environment. With the help of pioneering technology, the manufacturing process will require significantly less steam, thus lowering the plant's overall energy consumption. The process not only is evidence of LANXESS' many years of experience in rubber manufacturing, but also raises the bar in the industry. Ultramodern flue gas purification systems will break down undesirable chemical compounds and release lower volumes of greenhouse gases. Thanks to a modern wastewater treatment plant and closed circuits, only half as much wastewater will be produced in the future.

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